About me

I’m an enthusiastic freelance videographer, video editor and photographer.

Resilience is my creed. I’ve always been passionate to many artistic fields, in them I build up my professional career and life choises.
Experienced in several art fields and professional environment, I’m highly motivated to constantly develop my skills, learn more and grow professionally. Can lead a creative process with professionals or amateurs.

In my free time I’m leading and Ngo in Neaples, Italy, with the aim of rising awareness about important social issues and European culture values in my native surroundings.

I believe that what we do mostly identify who we are. I’m nothing but this: I believe in responsibility, awareness and that Art and Culture can save the world.
I’ve always been told that I should choose what I like the most and follow it. After many years of wondering who I was and what I like the most, I chose to follow all of them.

Paco Pennino Showreel